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Killinchy Wines wanted to move their brand in a new direction, and make some noise in a competitive market, and approached us for help to design a new brand identity and wine label.

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A new brand strategy was developed, and to reflect this strategy we designed a new brand identity for Killinchy Wines, and a new wine label called Frisky Midget. Frisky Midget is a quirky, tongue-in-cheek brand, featuring a large wrap-around label that is a throwback to Communist Russia. As you turn the bottle, a series of traditional Matryoshka dolls are revealed, with the final doll exposed as the saucy, non-conformist Frisky Midget.

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The Frisky Midget wine labels have been featured on: The Dieline, Packaging of the World, Lovely Package, and in Branding Magazine, as well as on the cover of a book called ‘Fun Packaging’, published by Ginko Press.

Scope of Services
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– Brand Strategy
– Brand Naming
– Wine Label Design
– Illustration
– Copywriting
– Production Management
– Website Design

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