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Tash Arthur from Arthur Wines in Margaret River is passionate about fortified wines. However, the fortified category has been in decline, with research showing younger consumers associate these wines with old men drinking port or their Nan’s tipple of Sherry.

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We devised a brand strategy to reinvent fortified wines for a new generation of consumers. We developed an entry level range called The Roller Derby Collection that features a red fortified wine called Ruby Slipper and a white fortified wine called Glass Slipper. The labels feature illustrations of Dorothy Gale and Cinderella, but with a unique roller derby twist that stand out in the conservative category.

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The Roller Derby Collection has been featured on Packaging of the World, Package Design Inspiration, and in Desktop Magazine and Australian Creative Magazine. The label also won gold in the Australian Association of Boutique Winemakers Wine Label Design Competition in 2012.

Scope of Services
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– Brand Strategy
– Brand Naming
– Wine Label Design
– Illustration
– Copywriting
– Marketing Materials
– Production Management